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Cours de français pour les ukrainiens

En ligne et gratuit


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Ce que vous allez apprendre

  • The language as it is actually spoken, thanks to authentic video extracts
  • Vocabulary thanks to the largest library of interactive visual dictionaries
  • Pronunciation , thanks to specific training
  • Tools for everyday life with modules classified by theme
  • The basics if you are starting out, with a series of videos specially designed to give for beginners the keys necessary to pursue a course in autonomy
Learn foreign languages with film clips and games

Make rapid and motivating progress!
Thanks to extracts from films, series and reports, you learn the language as it is spoken today. And thanks to games, you memorize and deepen your knowledge, at your own pace and having fun.

Video Boosters
Video Boosters allow you to learn languages as they are actually spoken through video exercises based on extracts from films and series, songs, TV news or documentaries. This activity covers several language skills: oral comprehension, written comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. learner completes in 15 minutes the 8 educational steps of progressive difficulty that make up a Video Booster.

Photo Vocabs
Strengthening your vocabulary is essential in learning a foreign language. A Photo Vocab is an interactive visual dictionary made up of 16 vocabulary items that transforms the acquisition of new vocabulary into an effective and fun experience. All vocabulary dimensions are thus worked on in different formats to create neural connections and optimize long-term memorization of vocabulary.

Skill Boosters
With exercises based on educational videos, Skill Boosters expose the learner to the most common language situations everyday and professional life with humor and creativity. The lexical field of each Skill Booster situation is defined by language experts.

Starter Labs
The Starter Lab is an activity produced specifically for beginners. Presented in the form of an animated series, each episode tackles a precise theme in a refined visual language that retains only the most important in the image. At the end of each episode, the most important spoken sentences appear on the screen. screen to facilitate memorization and oral/written association.